Sentence Examples

  • 4, 5d, e, and 7 below) is the halakic exordium which precedes the proems .3 Among the more important Midrashim are: i.
  • Tanhuma, one of the oldest on the lessons of the Pentateuch, with many proems ascribed to R.
  • - A very similar but larger collection of 51 homilies, of which 28 have a halakic exordium prefixed to the Tanhuma-proems, perhaps of 9th century.
  • According to Suidas he composed a number of songs and proems; none of these is extant; the fragment of a hymn to Poseidon attributed to him (Aelian, Hist.An.xii.45) is spurious and was probably written in Attica in the time of Euripides.