Sentence Examples

  • The former is poor in Cruciferae, Caryophyllaceae, Umbelliferae, Primulaceae and Labiatae; but for the occurrence of Calluna in Newfoundland it would have no heaths.
  • PRIMULACEAE, in botany, an order of Gamopetalous Dicotyledons belonging to the series Primulales and containing 28 genera with about 350 species.
  • The herbaceous vegetation does not differ greatly, generically, from that of the east, and many species of Primulaceae, Ranunculaceae, Cruciferae, Labiatae and Scrophulariaceae occur; balsams abound, also beautiful forms of Campanulaceae, Gentiana, Meconopsis, Saxifraga and many others.
  • This is seen in many of the Caryophyllaceae and Primulaceae (figs.
  • But in Primulaceae no vestiges of septa or marginal ovules can be perceived at any period of growth; the placenta is always free, and rises in the centre of the ovary.