Sentence Examples

  • Not only do they signal where you should focus your attention, but understanding the planets and applying aspects within those houses can boost the predictive astrological skills of the average horoscope junkie to an entirely new level!
  • G., et al. "Concurrent and predictive validity of the cognitive adaptive test/clinical linguistic and auditory milestone scale (CAT/CLAMS) and the Mental Developmental Index of the Bayley Scales of Infant Development."
  • Although palmistry, like astrology, numerology, and many other predictive crafts are mostly regarded as pseudosciences and even complete shams by the academic community, these ancient arts still hold a following.
  • KS: We provide live interactivity with most major sports teams and leagues (football, basketball, baseball and soccer) during the game, with live game alerts and predictive questions offered during every period.
  • Whereas one branch of astrology takes a predictive stance and hopes to foreshadow events to come, client-centered astrology works to determine the energies at play within an individual's natal chart.