Sentence Examples

  • Long upheld by a box kite, and, employing a sensitive coherer and telephone as a receiver, he was able, on December 12, 1901, to hear " S " signals on the Morse code, consisting of three dots, which he had arranged should be sent out from Poldhu at stated hours, according to a preconcerted programme, so as to leave no doubt they were electric wave signals sent across the Atlantic and not accidental atmospheric electric disturbances.
  • The decision covered also future invention in regard to " every organized system of communication by means of wires according to any preconcerted system of signals."
  • Though not strictly gregarious, lions appear to be sociable towards their own species, and often are found in small troops, sometimes consisting of a pair of old ones with their nearly fullgrown cubs, but occasionally of adults of the same sex; and there seerp.s to be evidence that several lions will associate for the purpose of hunting upon a preconcerted plan.
  • The stories current at the time and long after, of a preconcerted agreement for surrender to the enemy, have no foundation whatever.
  • " What was reduced to writing does not give us a work carried out after a preconcerted plan, but rather represents a series of jottings answering to the needs of the various individual writers, and largely intended to strengthen the memory " (Schechter).