Sentence Examples

  • The laws of motion of the ecliptic and equator are stated in the article Precession Of The Equinoxes.
  • Nasir ud-din (1201-1274) drew up the Ilkhanic Tables, and determined the constant of precession at 51".
  • Gravitation was thus shown to be the sole influence governing the movements of planets and satellites; the figure of the rotating earth was successfully explained by its action on the minuter particles of matter; tides and the precession of the equinoxes proved amenable to reasonings based on the same principle; and it satisfactorily accounted as well for some of the chief lunar and planetary inequalities.
  • James Bradley discovered in 1728 the annual shifting of the stars due to the aberration of light, and in 1748, the complicating effects upon precession of the "nutation" of the earth's axis.
  • They need, after a time, to be corrected, not only systematically for precession, but also empirically for proper motion.