Sentence Examples

  • From the law of angular motion of the latter its radius vector will run ahead of PQ near A, PQ will overtake and pass it at apocentre, and the two will again coincide at pericentre when the revolution is completed.
  • The number of partitions of a biweight pq into exactly i biparts is given (after Euler) by the coefficient of a, z xPy Q in the expansion of the generating function 1 - ax.
  • For write (pq) =s� and take logarithms of both sides of the fundamental relation; we obtain slox +soot' = + (3ly) S20x 2 +2siixy+s02y 2 = E(aix+(3 ly) 2, &C., and siox+SOly - (S 20 x2 + 2s ii x y+ s ooy 2) +...
  • From the above D p4 is an operator of order pq, but it is convenient for some purposes to obtain its expression in the form of a number of terms, each of which denotes pq successive linear operations: to accomplish this write d ars and note the general result exp (mlodlo+moldol +...
  • Recalling the formulae above which connect s P4 and a m, we see that dP4 and Dp q are in co-relation with these quantities respectively, and may be said to be operations which correspond to the partitions (pq), (10 P 01 4) respectively.