Sentence Examples

  • When lime is used as a matrix, certain natural earths such as pozzuolana or trass, or, failing these, powdered bricks or tiles, may be used instead of sand with great advantage.
  • Were hydraulic; it was also known that this property could be conferred on ordinary lime by admixture of silicious materials such as pozzuolana or t.ufa.
  • They are mostly of volcanic origin, and include pumice, tufa, santorin earth, trass and pozzuolana itself.
  • The following analyses show their general composition: An artificial product which serves perfectly as a pozzuolana is granulated blast-furnace slag.
  • They are not usually manufactured by the careful grinding together of the pozzuolana and the lime, but are mixed roughly, a great excess of pozzuolana being employed.