Sentence Examples

  • The first evidence of its potentialities was furnisho by the KOko .Shimbun (The Worki) under the editorship of Fukucli Genichiro and Sasano Dempei.
  • The potentialities of the region are thus enormus.
  • Both, in their powers of organization and the mastery of the tactical potentialities of the weapons.
  • (a) He made it clear that no explanation of the world could be satisfactory that was not based on the notion of continuity in the sense of an order of existence in which the reality of the lower was to be sought for in the extent to which it gave expression to the potentialities of its own nature - which were also the potentialities of the whole of which it was a part.
  • Never since history first began to be recorded was there such a supreme example of the potentialities of sea-power.