Sentence Examples

  • Antique Squeeze Change Holders: Collectors and fans of postwar memorabilia might be interested in owning an original version of one of these purses.
  • Also called a squeeze coin purse or fold coin purse (usually oval although sometimes round, these gadgets were one of several fun and yet functional plastic designs created in the booming postwar years.
  • The reason for that was that all of the GIs that had gone overseas spotted the postwar MG TC model straight from the factories of Oxford, and decided that they wanted one.
  • In the 1950s, there was a trend towards blouses that buttoned up the back (these can be seen in some postwar clothes as well).
  • Actual men's shirt and short swim sets – also called cabana sets - made their debut during the postwar period, when leisure was taken far more seriously, and more and more men could afford beach and cruise holidays.