Sentence Examples

  • 31.-Shell of Crucibulum, seen coiled,but slightly in from below so as to show the inner whorl curved posteriorly; b, concealed by the cap-like outer whorl a.
  • The orbito-sphenoids diverge only posteriorly, otherwise they are practically unpaired and form the median interorbital septum, which is very large in correlation with the extraordinary size of the eyeballs.
  • An teriorly and posteriorly separate ganglia have fused.
  • Close to this the small renal organ (i, mediad) and the larger renal organ (k, to the right and posteriorly) are seen, also the pericardium (1) and a coil of the intestine (int) embedded in the compact liver.
  • Stomatella, foot truncated posteriorly, an oper culum present, no epipodial tentacles.