Sentence Examples

  • Lastly positivism teaches a corporate instead of an individual immortality; man should desire to live on as a beneficent influence in the race.
  • In France, again, positivism is not materialism, but rather the refusal to frame a metaphysical theory.
  • Lastly, in England we have not only an influence of positivism, but also, what is more important, the synthetic philosophy of Herbert Spencer.
  • Naturally then the reaction to Kant was followed by a second reaction to Hume, partly under the name of " Positivism," which has attracted a number of adherents, such as C. Goring (1841-1879), author of an incomplete System der Kritischen Philosophie (1874-1875) and E.
  • Both passed through phases of faith, but while even Positivism did not cool George Eliot's innate religious fervour, with George Sand religion was a passing experience, no deeper than her republicanism and less lasting than her socialism, and she lived and died a gentle savage.