Sentence Examples

  • Orders: Polyplacophora, Aplacophora.
  • In the Chitons or Polyplacophora, on the other hand, the two cavities are separate, and there are independent genital ducts.
  • The Amphineura are divided into two orders: (1) the Polyplacophora, or Chitons; (2) the Aplacophora, or forms without shells, Neomenia, Chaetoderma and their allies.
  • - Polyplacophora Each of the eight valves of the shell is made up of two distinct calcareous layers: (a) an outer or upper called the tegmentum, which is visible externally; (b) a deeper layer called articula FIG.
  • - Ventral aspect of three species of Polyplacophora showing position of gills.

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