Sentence Examples

  • The visceral mass was accordingly termed the "polypide" and the body-wall which contains it the "zooecium."
  • This view depended principally on the fact that the life of the polypide and of the zooecium are not coextensive.
  • On the degeneration of the polypide, its nutritive material is apparently absorbed for the benefit of the zooid, while the pig mented substances assume a spheroidal form, which either remains as an inert "brown body" in the body-cavity or is discharged to the exterior by the alimentary canal of the new polypide.
  • This is formed as a two-layered "polypide-bud," which usually develops from the inner side of the zooecial wall, and soon occupies the place of the previous polypide.
  • The inner layer of the polypide-bud gives rise to the structures usually regarded as ectodermic and endodermic, the outer layer to the mesodermic organs.

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