Sentence Examples

  • There are very few, if any, double varieties, but some varieties are curious and interesting from the duplication of the calyx or-corolla; these are popularly known as "hose-in-hose" Polyanthus.
  • The Polyanthus - Though the origin of this beautiful old-fashioned flower is somewhat obscure, it is considered to be a form of the common P. vulgaris with the stems developed.
  • The Polyanthus may easily be raised from seed, which should be sown as soon as ripe, say about the end of June.
  • The polyanthus or bunch narcissi form another well-marked group, whose peculiarity of producing many flowers on the stem is indicated by the name.
  • Compound definite inflorescences are by no means common, but in Streptocarpus polyanthus and in several calceolarias we probably have examples.