Sentence Examples

  • Carolyn Pollack is a designer who creates unique brooches with gemstone accents.
  • COAL-FISH (Gadus vixens), also called green cod, black pollack, saith and sillock, a fish of the family Gadidae.
  • Mackerel, cod, pollack and flat-fishes are the kinds most frequently attacked by them in the sea; of river-fish the migratory Salmonidae and the shad are sometimes found with the marks of the teeth of the lamprey, or with the fish actually attached to them.
  • POLLACK (Gadus pollachius), a fish of the family Gadidae, abundant on rocky coasts of northern Europe, and extending as far south as the western parts of the Mediterranean, where, however, it is much scarcer and does not attain to the same size as in its real northern home.
  • Although pollack are wellflavoured fish, and smaller individuals (from 12 to 16 in.) excellent eating, they do not form any considerable article of trade, and are not preserved, the majority being consumed by the captors.