Sentence Examples

  • Dubrovin, president of the Union of the Russian People and organizer of pogroms, having written a letter of congratulation to the tsar on the occasion of the coup d'etat, received a gracious reply; the hideous reign of terror of the " Black Hundred " in Odessa did not prevent the Grand-duke Constantine from accepting the badge of membership of the Union.
  • Many other pogroms have occurred, and the condition of the Jews has been reduced to one of abject poverty and despair.
  • Such incidents were the Damascus charge of ritual murder (1840), the forcible baptism of the Italian child Mortara (1858), and the Russian pogroms at various dates.
  • The " black band " (chernaya sotnia), or " black hundreds," as they were branded by public opinion, directed their attacks especially against the Jews, and pogroms,' i.e.

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