Sentence Examples

  • This led in June 1567 to the arrest of some fifteen out of a hundred men and women met in Plumbers' Hall (ostensibly for a wedding), none of whom, to judge from the eight examined, was a minister.
  • Roebling's Sons Company has an immense wire and cable manufactory here - iron and steel bridge building materials and other structural work, plumbers' supplies (manufactured by the J.
  • As a manufacturing centre Allegheny was outranked in 1905 by only two cities in the state - Philadelphia and Pittsburg; among the more important of its large variety of manufactures are the products of slaughtering and meat-packing establishments, iron and steel rolling mills, the products of foundries and machineshops, pickles, preserves and sauces, the products of railwayconstruction and repair shops, locomotives, structural iron and plumbers' supplies.
  • Other important manufactures in 1905 were: packed meats, particularly pork; men's clothing, especially "Kentucky jeans"; flour and grist mill products; cotton-seed oil and cake; leather, especially sole leather; foundry and machine shop products; steam-railway cars; cooperage; malt liquors; carriages and wagons, especially farm wagons; and carriage and wagon materials; agricultural implements, especially ploughs; and plumbers' supplies, including cast-iron gas and water pipes.