Sentence Examples

  • Whenever the crocodile is out of the water the spur-winged plover is its invariable companion.
  • Europe has three species - Hoplopterus spinosus, the spur-winged plover, and Chettusia gregaria and C. leucura; but the first and last are only stragglers from Africa and Asia.
  • Many species of ducks are also still found; and the reed-bird (bobolink), " partridge " (elsewhere called quail or " Bob White "), ruffed grouse (elsewhere called partridge), woodcock, snipe, plover and Carolina rail still abound.
  • There are various kinds of ploversthe blackheaded species (Pluvianus Aegyplius) is most numerous in Upper Egypt; the golden plover and the white-tailed species are found Chiefly in the Delta.
  • Besides these waders there are plover (chidori); golden (muna-guro or aiguro); gray (dailee); ringed (shiro-chidori); spur-winged (ken) and Hartings sand-plover (ikaru-chidors); sand-pipersgreen (ashiroshigi) and spoon-billed (hera-shigi)-and water-hens (ban).