Sentence Examples

  • The main plotline that was to run two years is the structure of the movie.
  • It is well-written and has an interesting plotline, one I can identify with.
  • Finding out ahead of time that two fan faves may end up in scenes together or that a long plotline is coming to a climax is one thing, but scoops and spoilers may leave a fan turned off by the idea without ever seeing the execution.
  • Secondly, updates can brief you on the complete plotline or background on a particular character, so that you can get more of a catch-up experience if you are just starting to watch one of the CBS soaps for the first time.
  • Her two oldest children struggled on the show, but a major plotline surrounded her son's drug abuse and their attempts at reconciliation (at one point, her son ended up living with her new boyfriend's ex-wife).

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