Sentence Examples

  • Pleurodont lizards with well-developed limbs; without temporal bony arches; postthoracic ribs united across the abdomen.
  • - Pleurodont; tongue broad and thick, not protractile; no osteoderms. America, Madagascar and Fiji Islands.
  • In their general structure the Iguanidae closely resemble the Agamidae, from which they differ mainly by the pleurodont dentition.
  • - Pleurodont; solid teeth; anterior part of tongue slightly emarginate and retractile, and covered with flat papillae; no osteoderms. Mexico.
  • - Pleurodont; teeth solid, sometimes (Ophiosaurus) grooved; anterior part of tongue emarginate and retractile into the posterior portion; osteoderms on the body, and especially on the head where they are roofing over the temporal fossa; entirely zoophagous and ovo-viviparous.

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