Sentence Examples

  • If you firmly believe that the only good leather is pleather, and chant "faux fur or no fur" as you shop for winter coats, you're going to want to look into vegan shoe lines like Vegetarian Shoes] and Vegan Shoes.
  • Charlotte Russe's shoe designs, in general, are more trendy and youth-oriented than many other brands, although you will need to be comfortable with purchasing pleather or man-made materials.
  • You know you're in the right territory when you can start your shopping from categories such as: Brocade, Lamé, Pleather, Leopard, Python and Vinyl.
  • Elementary My Dear, which can be used for a more domineering look in that it's a plaid snap front bustier and the skirt features a pleather belt.
  • Unless you're going for a really impressive pair of work shoes for a professional position, pleather will do just fine.