Sentence Examples

  • In an interview for Playgirl magazine, done over a decade ago, Duchovny addressed the rampant rumor that he was addicted to the more carnal pleasures in life with an emphatic "I am not a sex addict."
  • Johnston figures that the experience with Playgirl has somehow prepared him for a stint on Dancing With the Stars, adding that he's in good physical shape so that part wouldn't be difficult for him.
  • And, if she isn't working, what right does she have to tell a father who is working…albeit via Playgirl and whatever else that boy gets into, that he isn't providing enough child support?
  • Mix in a smidgen of the Midas Touch for making money, and the cliché image of a playboy or playgirl is soon begging to be added to the list of Taurean traits.
  • Thanks to magazines like Playboy, Playgirl, and Penthouse, many celebrities have doffed their clothing to appear naked in centerfolds and other photo shoots.

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