Sentence Examples

  • There is a great gap to be bridged between the highest anthropoid and the lowest man, and much importance has been attached to the discovery of an extinct primate, Pithecanthropus, which has been regarded as the "missing link."
  • The most notable fact in the geological history of the archipelago is the discovery in Java of the fossil remains of Pithecanthropus erectus, a form intermediate between the higher apes and man.
  • These remains were,referred by their discoverer to an animal intermediate between man and ape, to which he gave the name of Pithecanthropus erectus, but the interesting discussions on the subject have shown divergence of opinion among anatomists.
  • The existence of man in remote geological time cannot now be questioned, but, despite much effort made in likely localities, no bones, with the exception of those of the much-discussed Pithecanthropus, have been found which can be regarded as definitely bridging the gulf between man and the lower creation.