Sentence Examples

  • Those who have bought posters from the movie or purchased items that have movie pictures on them such as clocks, necklaces, or pin-on buttons, will find that these items increase in value as the movie gains popularity and earns more awards.
  • Most florists will offer three types of corsages for you to choose from, and these include the prom look wrist corsage, the pin-on corsage and the hand-held corsage.
  • Since proms usually involve dancing and dresses are often strapless, keeping a traditional pin-on wrist corsage in place can be difficult and often impossible.
  • For girls, the corsage is usually a bracelet that contains flowers, ribbon, and other small decorative pieces, although girls can also wear pin-on corsages.
  • If you are not sure whether to choose a bracelet corsage or a pin-on version, always choose the bracelet.