Sentence Examples

  • Bling bling was further cemented into public consciousness when, in 2003, the Oxford English Dictionary made the word, along with the slang terms "jiggy," "dope," and "phat," official by adding them to the renowned dictionary.
  • While the Allheart website does have several brands to choose from like Baby Phat, Cherokee, Dickies, White Swan, and more, there are two lines of actual Allheart scrubs-Allheart and Riverwashed by Allheart.
  • Since Baby Phat purses are meant to define and integrate hip-hop culture into mainstream fashion, it comes as no surprise that these handbags feature wild flagrant designs with a heavy emphasis on "bling".
  • Baby Phat blossomed in 1998, beginning as a denim label and a collection of baby tees sporting the phrase "Baby Phat", and then growing into a full fashion entity built around hip-hop urban designs.
  • Not all of the selections are the same length, so if you like something a bit shorter than the traditional lab coat, you might find your solution here, possibly with the Baby Phat Mini Lab Coat.