Sentence Examples

  • ARAS, the anc. Araxes, and the Phasis of Xenophon (Turk.
  • The pheasant derives its name from the ancient name (Phasis) of the Rion.
  • In the course of the war with Persia Russia had received permission from the Ottoman government to use, for a limited time, the easy road from the Black Sea to Tiflis by way of the valley of the Rion (Phasis) for the transport of troops and supplies, and this permission had been several times renewed.
  • They now reached their goal, the' river Phasis, and the following morning Jason repaired to the palace of Aeetes, and demanded the golden fleece.
  • In the oldest (Pindar) the "Argo" sailed along the river Phasis into the eastern Oceanus, round Asia to the south coast of Libya, thence to the mythical lake Tritonis, of ter being carried twelve days over land through Libya, and thence again to Iolcus.