Sentence Examples

  • The chief pharmacopoeial salts are: (1) Plumbi oxidum (lead oxide), litharge.
  • The pharmacopoeial preparations of this acid are a 2% solution, which is given in doses of from two to six minims, the tinctura chloroformi et morphinae cornposita, which contains a half-minim of this solution in each ten minims, and the aqua laurocerasi, which owes its virtues to the presence of this acid, and is of inconstant strength, besides being superfluous.
  • The pharmacopoeial mixture is best avoided, being almost uniquely nauseous.
  • The British pharmacopoeial preparations are (r) glycerinum acidi tannici; (2) suppositoria acidi tannici; (3) trochiscus acidi tannici.
  • The pharmacopoeial forms of iron are as follow :- Ferrum, annealed iron wire No.