Sentence Examples

  • Nickel coins are 10 and 5 pfennige pieces, and there are bronze coins of 2 and I pfennige.
  • Besides these ten-mark pieces, there are Doppclkronen (double crowns), about equivalent in value to an English sovereign (the average rate of exchange being 20 marks 40 pfennige per LI sterling), and, formerly, half-crowns (halbe Kronen =5 marks) in gold were also issued, hut they have been withdrawn from circulation.
  • Silver coins are 5, 2 and I mark pieces, equivalent to 5, 2 and 1 shillings respectively, and 50 pfennige pieces=6d.
  • The system is decimal; thus 100 pfcnnige = I mark, 1000 pfennige = the gold krone (or crown), and Id.
  • In 1871 a common system for the whole empire was established, the unit being the Mark (= I 1~d.), which was divided into a hundred Pfennige: a gold currency was introduced (Doppel-Kronen =20 M.; Kronen 10 M.); no more silver was to be coined, and silver was made a legal tender only up to the sum of twenty marks.

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