Sentence Examples

  • The permanency of colour by which they are distinguished is attributed to the properties of the water of the Stour, which is impregnated with iron and fuller's earth.
  • "So glad you don't believe in the permanency of buying," she muttered.
  • GOLD [[[symbol]] Au, atomic weight 1 95.7(11 = I),197 2(O =16)], a metallic chemical element, valued from the earliest ages on account of the permanency of its colour and lustre.
  • Permanency of occupation, however, dates from the voyage of the " Mayflower," which brought about a hundred men, women and children who had mostly belonged to an English sect of Separatists, originating in Yorkshire, but who had passed a period of exile for religion's sake in Holland.
  • Nor was the concentration of wealth the only danger of this policy; it led to the destruction of forests, the exhaustion of farming soils and the wasteful mining of coal and minerals, since the desire for quick profits, even when they entail risk to permanency of capital, is always a powerful human motive.