Sentence Examples

  • The temple is a Doric peripteral hexastyle in antis, with 13 columns at the sides; its length is 104 ft., its breadth 452 ft., its height, to the top of the pediment, 33 ft.
  • It was a peripteral hexastyle, and must have had at least nineteen columns at the sides; the portion excavated shows that its total width is 744 ft., the width of the cella 382 ft., the lower diameter of the columns 64 ft.
  • 640, is to be dated after 440 B.C. It was a peripteral hexastyle of thirty-six columns, with a total length of 1602 ft.
  • The temple was peripteral with 46 columns in its peristyle.
  • In antis, prostyle, peripteral, dipteral, hypaethral; c. 3 on inter-columniation - pycnostyle, systyle, eustyle, &c.; c. 4 on foundations, steps and stylobates; c. 5 on the Ionic order, its form and details.

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