Sentence Examples

  • Some of those zoologists who look to Peripatus, or a similar worm-like form, as representing the direct ancestors of the Hexapoda have laid stress on a larva like the caterpillar of a moth or saw-fly as representing a primitive stage.
  • In Peripatus they occur in every somite of the body.
  • (From Lankester, loc. cit., after Packard.) with all air-breathing Arthropoda except Peripatus, possesses these tubules, which are often called Malpighian tubes.
  • (From Korschelt and Heider, after Leuckart.) Peripatus, Diplopoda, Hexapoda and Chilopoda.
  • Very usually (but not in the Onychophora = Peripatus) all the parapodia are plated with chitin secreted by the epidermis, and divided into a series of joints - giving the " arthropodous " or hinged character.