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  • The neuron is described as having a cell body or perikaryon from which the cell branches - dendrites and axon - extend, and it is this perikaryon which, as its name implies, muscle produces lactic acids during activity, it has been suggested that acids are among the "fatigue substances" with which muscle poisons itself when deprived of circulating blood.
  • In addition to the trophic influence exerted by each part of the neuron on its other parts, notably by the perikaryon on the cell branches, one neuron also in many instances influences the nutrition of other neurons.
  • Although the cell body or perikaryon of the neuron, with its contained nucleus, is essential for the maintenance of the life of the cell branches, it has become recognized that the actual process and function of "conduction" in many neurons can, and does, go on without the cell body being directly concerned in the conduction.
  • Evidence illustrating this nexus is found in the visible changes produced in the perikaryon by prolonged activity induced and maintained in the conducting branches of the cell.

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