Sentence Examples

  • When a person who is addicted to Percocet does not get pills in a timely manner, he or she may experience confusion, depression or agitation.
  • People who use Percocet regularly - whether legally through a physician's prescription or illegally through other means - must be cautioned that this is not a drug that can be stopped abruptly.
  • Opiate-based drug addictions that are effectively treated by with this method of detoxification include addictions to heroin, codeine, Vicodin, morphine, Demerol, Lorcet, and Percocet.
  • Aches and pains are common when Percocet withdrawal begins, but the physical withdrawal symptoms can become much more severe for people who have a deep dependence on this drug.
  • For people who have a Percocet addiction, an inpatient detox facility may be the best option to ensure successful recovery without endangering their health too dramatically.