Sentence Examples

  • Thallous Perchlorate, T1C10 4, and periodate, Tl10 4, are interesting inasmuch as they are isomorphous with the corresponding potassium salts.
  • Perchloric acid is best prepared by distilling potassium perchlorate with concentrated sulphuric acid.
  • The fused mass is then extracted with water to remove potassium chloride, and warmed with hydrochloric acid to remove unaltered chlorate, and finally extracted with water again, when a residue of practically pure perchlorate is obtained.
  • Soc., 1886, p. 141), the decomposition of potassium chlorate by heat is not at all simple, the quantities of chloride and perchlorate produced depending on the temperature.
  • It crystallizes in dark purple-red prisms, isomorphous with potassium perchlorate.