Sentence Examples

  • Children who fall below a particular weight range for their age or who dip below two or more percentile curves on the chart over a short period of time will likely have a more thorough evaluation to find out if there is a problem.
  • The site indicates that "one size fits most", so you will have to contact them to be sure the leg warmers will be comfortable for your toddler, especially if you have one who is in the upper percentile of height.
  • If your six month-old baby boy falls into the 70th percentile for weight, it means that 70 percent of six month-old boys in America weigh the same or less than your son while 30 percent weigh more than your son.
  • Children and adolescents with a BMI-for-age in the 85th to 95th percentile are considered overweight and at risk for obesity, and those with a BMI-for-age greater than the 95th percentile are considered obese.
  • Small size in proportion to length of the mother's pregnancy at time of delivery: Infants who are smaller than would be expected (below the tenth percentile) are referred to as small-for-gestational-age (SGA).