Sentence Examples

  • The text is preserved in the Maitland folio MS. in the Pepysian library, Cambridge.
  • The chief authorities for the text of Dunbar's poems are :- (a) the Asloan MS. (c. 1515); (b) the Chepman and Myllar Prints (1508) preserved in the Advocates' library, Edinburgh; (c) Bannatyne MS. (156$) in the same; (d) the Maitland Folio MS. (c. 1570-1590) in the Pepysian library, Magdalene College, Cambridge.
  • One is in the Guildhall Library, and the other among the Pepysian maps in Magdalene College, Cambridge.
  • He is remembered through the Creevey Papers, published in 1903 under the editorship of Sir Herbert Maxwell, which, consisting partly of Creevey's own journals and partly of correspondence, give a lively and valuable picture of the political and social life of the late Georgian era, and are characterized by an almost Pepysian outspokenness.
  • From a Drawing in the Pepysian Library, Magdalene College, Cambridge.