Sentence Examples

  • Vowel Changes.-(I) Long a, whether from Aryan a or o or from Latin a, becomes aw in monosyllables, as in brawd, " brother " from *brater; in the penult it is o, as in broder, " brothers," in the ultima aw, later o, as in pechawd, now pechod, from peccatum.
  • (2) Short a, e, o remain; short i became y; and u became y (with its obscure sound) in the penult, remaining in the ultima, though now written w.
  • (y) Penultimate affection: i or y in the ultima causes several changes in the penult, as arch, " order," erchi, " to bid "; saer, " carpenter," pl.
  • Most words take the accent on the penult.