Sentence Examples

  • The flowers are hermaphrodite and regular with parts in fives (pentamerous) throughout, though exceptions from the pentamerous arrangement occur.
  • - Pentamerous symmetry affects the foodgrooves and thecal plates; probably also the nerves and ambulacral vessels, but not the gonads.
  • The thecal plates, however irregular in some species, always show defined basals and a distinct plate ("radial") at the end of each ambulacrum; they are in all cases so far affected by pentamerous symmetry that their sutures never cross the ambulacra.
  • 38 shows a pentamerous symmetrical flower, with dimerous pistil.
  • A flower in which the parts are arranged in twos is called dimerous; when the parts of the whorls are three, four or five, the flower is trimerous, tetramerous or pentamerous, respectively.

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