Sentence Examples

  • Although defeated in the early stages of the conflict, the Yankees or Connecticut settlers finally rallied in August 1771 and compelled the Pennsylvanians to retreat, and the war terminated with the defeat of Colonel William Plunket (1720-1791) and about 700 Pennsylvanians by a force of 300 Yankees under Colonel Zebulon Butler (1731-179, 5)5) in the battle of "Rampart Rocks" on the 25th of December 1775.
  • Duquesne, and became personally responsible for payment to the Pennsylvanians who furnished them.
  • Some of her followers left her before 1800, and then the community gradually broke up. The name of the village is said to have been derived from the first syllables of "Pennsylvania" and "Yankee," as most of the early settlers were Pennsylvanians and New Englanders.