Sentence Examples

  • The penitentials (q.v.), or early collections of disciplinary canons, gave much attention to sacrilege.
  • The murder or injury of the clergy is also sacrilege in both penitentials and capitularies.
  • Their contribution towards the later system of canon law consisted in two things: the Penitentials and the influence of the Irish collection, the other sources of local law not having been known to the predecessors of Gratian nor to Gratian himself.
  • The Penitentials 5 are collections intended for the guidance of confessors in estimating the penances to be imposed for various sins, according to the discipline in force in the Anglo =ten - Saxon countries.
  • For the Penitentials, see Wasserschleben, Die Bussordnungen der abendlc ndischen Kirche (Halle, 851); Mgr.H.J.Schmitz, Die Bussbiicker and die Bussdisciplin der Kirche (2 vols., Mainz, 1883, 1898).

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