Sentence Examples

  • Or the relation between the inferior deities and the most exalted may be conceived politically and explained by Tertullian's formula, " Imperium penes unum, officia penes multos."
  • 1601-2602), penes H.
  • The orifice leads into a large pouch lodging a pair of very long penes, which are coiled up when not in use.
  • In his last work he used, with doubtful success, the variations of the penes and the lungs as additional characters, chiefly for the grouping of the great mass of the Colubroid snakes.
  • Le occurs, as in Old Castilian, in words formed with the suffix ellum (castiellu, portiellu), while modern Castilian has reduced Ce to C. E, i, u, post-tonic for a, e, 0: penes (penas), gracies (gracias), esii (este), frenti, (frente), liechi (leche), nuechi (noche), unu (uno), primeru (primero).

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