Sentence Examples

  • For several months early in the War of Inde - pendence the Committees of Safety and Correspondence made Watertown their headquarters and it was from here that General Joseph Warren set out for Bunker Hill.
  • In the " Amarna" age the little kings had a certain measure of inde pendence, provided they guarded the royal caravan routes, paid tribute, refrained from conspiracy, and generally supported their suzerain and his agents.
  • They also advocated reduction of expenditure and the inde pendence of the magistracy.
  • No less important was the almost absolute mdc- ~ pendence of the judges, begun at the beginning of the reign, by the grant of office to them during good behaviour instead of during the kings pleasure, and finally secured by the clause in the Act of Settlement in 1701, which protected them against dismissal except on the joint address of both Houses of Parliament.