Sentence Examples

  • Currently, they only have three peignoir sets, and two of them are short, but the long lacy gown is one of those rare sets that comes in colors other than white or black - you can also get it in jade or red.
  • In vintage we have full- and half-slips, flapper bras, deadstock panties, garters, girdles, bras, vintage deadstock hosiery, cami-knickers, nightgowns, peignoir, dressing gowns and accessories.
  • If you want something a bit less expensive and more current, start at Pajama Shoppe, which carries a lovely selection of peignoir sets featuring everything from lace to silk to embroidery.
  • One of the most romantic items of lingerie a woman can own, the peignoir set is what a bride traditionally wears on her wedding night - and all through the honeymoon.
  • Silver Screen Loungerie - exactly as it sounds - a selection of slips, nightgowns, peignoir sets and other luxurious lingerie from the golden age of cinema.

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