Sentence Examples

  • Choose from their sizzling Retro Pinup Pink Polka Dot set that features a G-string, garter belt, garters and a peekaboo bra top, their Long Sleeve Fishnet Teddy or one of the dozens of other hot lingerie selections offered.
  • "Peekaboo" is a very cute name, but when you see these swimsuits that are essentially just string that outlines the chest and nether regions of the body, you'll quickly realize this style is for adult eyes only!
  • Not only do the skirts hide nothing of importance, but also if anything, they attract the eye precisely to the specifically female sexual areas by framing them, presenting them, or playing peekaboo with them ….
  • The overall effect is still rather enticing, but you'll have the comfort of knowing that your private areas, both top and bottom, are somewhat more covered than they would be with an extreme peekaboo style.
  • If you want to create a more modern style, you may choose to wear your side bang directly over one eye and ask your stylist for a peekaboo snip to carve a small space in your style.