Sentence Examples

  • Whether you believe in the folklore behind the symbol or simply appreciate the ranch and equestrian theme, why not consider these unique ways to apply horseshoe nail art to your next manicure or pedicure and see if luck follows?
  • No matter what colors you choose to combine, or the placement of the stripes on your zebra pattern, make sure you pair your pedicure with open toe shoes or sandals to show off your adventurous spirit and uninhibited side.
  • Metallics have been a continually hot beauty and fashion trend the past few seasons, and a metallic peach nail polish adds instant girly charm to your summer pedicure without compromising good taste and timeless appeal.
  • Likewise, a pedicure is a soothing experience in which your feet and ankles are massaged, paid attention to, along with the standard salon treatments.The ambiance may vary at a nail spa, as well.
  • Many people are unaware they have a fungus until they're informed at a pedicure appointment, while others deal with the fungus daily and are constantly seeking new treatments and cures.