Sentence Examples

  • In carrying out his work he met with bitter opposition, being attacked particularly by certain school-masters of Boston who strongly disapproved of his pedagogical theories and innovations, and by various religious sectaries, who contended against the exclusion of all sectarian instruction from the schools.
  • The student who is interested in elementary teaching should consult the annual bibliographies in the Pedagogical Seminary; an article by D.
  • With George Richard Crooks (1822-1897), his colleague at Dickinson College and in1880-1897professor of historical theology at Drew Seminary, McClintock edited several elementary textbooks in Latin and Greek (of which some were republished in Spanish), based on the pedagogical principle of "imitation and constant repetition."
  • Of higher schools, in which careful instruction is given in natural and social sciences, have been opened in the chief cities under the name of " pedagogical courses."
  • On the other hand a translation of the pedagogical handbook of Vincent of Beauvais and the accompanying monograph are still of value.