Sentence Examples

  • It comes in twelve different colors and fabrics, so if you like it, you can indulge in a black velvet and pink pearlized leather and look like you've spend a million bucks when you've only spent $63.95.
  • You'll find typical shapes, such as round or square watch faces, but Tissot then mixes things up a bit by adding unusual watch bands, pearlized faces and unusual numbering or hands.
  • A beautiful effect is created by the flickering light of the candle as it burns in a hand crafted pearlized iridescent green votive holder from Amazing Magical Light.
  • Matte finishes are perfect for every day wear, while pearlized, shimmer, or glitter shadows are best reserved for wearing on evenings or special occasions.
  • Ballet flats stay classic with simple bows, but pearlized and metallic leathers give this standard style a flirty kick that will get you noticed.

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