Sentence Examples

  • This misguided belief is perpetuated by scam artists who promote get rich quick schemes, preying on the misguided notions of people looking for a way to cash in on a big payday with minimal effort and investment.
  • This section has all your favorites such as chess, checkers, and dominoes, as well as some Pogo twists on old classics such as Rainy Day Spider Solitaire and Payday Freecell.
  • A lot depends on why the credit score is being analyzed; for example, a mortgage lender will have different standards of "good credit" than a payday advance loan business.
  • Payday lenders tend to market their services to people who feel like they have no other options, which is why they target individuals with bad credit.
  • As such, you should consider not taking a cash advance unless you are using the money to pay off extremely high interest debt, such as payday loans.