Sentence Examples

  • At maturity the Paulownia assumes a dense rounded head, but rarely exceeds 30 feet in height, although in some south-coast gardens there are trees of 40 feet.
  • Paulownia - P. imperialis is a fine flowering tree from Japan, not suitable for our climate generally, though in a few places it succeeds.
  • The red sun with white and gold rays; in the former the lilac flowers of the Paulownia tree, the flower of the Tycoon's arms, take a prominent part.
  • Magnolia, azalea, camellia, begonia and paulownia.
  • The Order of the Paulownia Sun (Tokwa Daijasho), founded in 1888, in one class, may be in a sense regarded as the highest class of the Rising Sun (Kiokujitsasho) founded in eight classes, in 1875.

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