Sentence Examples

  • Otto, Die geschichtlichen Verhaltnisse der Pastoralbriefe (1860); Bertrand, Essai critique sur l'authenticite des ep. pastorales (1888); G.
  • One of Jurieu's chief works is Lettres pastorales adressees aux fideles de France (3 vols., Rotterdam, 1686-1687; Eng.
  • Basnage had welcomed the revival of the Protestant church due to the zeal of Antoine Court; but he assured the regent that no danger of active resistance was to be feared from it, and, true to the principles of Calvin, he denounced the rebellion of the Camisards in his Instructions pastorales aux Reformes de France sur l'obeissance due aux souverains (Paris, 1720), which was printed by order of the court and scattered broadcast in the south of France.

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